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TJ Hooker
05/09/2006 7:59pm

now what is "the scriber" doing to fix these issues :)
Nick Schirmer
11/09/2006 9:30pm
From the link:
* Scribe is small, fast and elegant
* Offers flexible message templates, effective Bayesian spam filtering
* Plug-ins are available to expand Scribe's functionality

* Free i.Scribe lacks filters and supports only one email account
* IMAP is not fully implemented in Scribe, and the message editor lacks power
* Scribe doesn't support secure email by OpenPGP or S/MIME natively

As a very happy Scribe user, I agree with their pro's completely. However, I disagree with their cons:
#1 is on purpose - shareware has always had limitations. Not a Con in my book.
#2.a IMAP - I admit I've never tried it.
#2.b This is WHY I picked scribe. I didn't want an HTML wizard message editor. The reason Scribe is fast and small is the fact they don't bloat it with lots of frilly features. (And being able to have a <BLINK> tag in my email is not on my priority list)
#3 SSL is becoming standard in coming versions.

Is Scribe perfect? No. But name a perfect app. About the only "con" I would add is I wish ASpell was built in. But the Plug-In function is fine for me.

Fret - Keep up the good work.

Nick Schirmer
13/09/2006 2:21pm
I agree. Great job. I will be pleased to continue updating the translations to Portuguese for the not-English-users.