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Author/Date Email notifications have stopped!
15/08/2006 6:40pm
I've just noticed that all email notifications have stopped be deisplay by InScribe. Any ideas why? Play sound, flash tray icon and display popup are all selected, they just don't do anything when a new mail arrives.
16/08/2006 12:05am
But the email does show up in the inbox?

I've never heard of that before. And off the top of my head I can't imagine why that would happen.
16/08/2006 10:25pm
Yes, the email does show up in the inbox and the filters work.

Update: I've switched my computer on today and everything is working perfectly! Weird.
16/08/2006 10:32pm
If it happens again, try restarting InScribe and see if it fixes it. If a restart fixes it then that could help narrow down what is going on.

I've seen a similar issue with the keyboard acceleraters, they "die" mid session and restarting the app fixes it. Maybe they are related?