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Author/Date import "recursive" mailfolders
07/08/2006 3:48pm
how can i import "recursive" mailfolders from mbox, thunderbird or eml format and preserve the folderstructure, without selecting each folder seperatly.

i have a thunderbird-mailbox, that includes about a 500 subfolders, but i can only select 1 folderlevel at the time.
07/08/2006 9:17pm
How is the sub-folder's name encoded?
08/08/2006 6:00am
i'm not sure, i think standard windows ansi-encoded.
the folders structure looks like this
Received Mail (File)
Received Mail.sbd (Dir)
> Sub1 (File)
> Sub1.sbd (Dir)
> Sub2 (File)
> Sub2.sbd (Dir)
> > Sub21 (File)
> > Sub21.sbd (Dir)
> Sub3 (File)
> Sub3.sbd (Dir)
> Sub4 (File)
> Sub5 (File)
> Sub5.sbd (Dir)
10/08/2006 9:01am
so i cant import mail-folders including subfolders
und subsubfolders at the same time? i must import all
files at the current folder and then switch to the
subfolder and import seperatly? (im not sure if i got it right).
10/08/2006 11:52pm
I'll have to look into it...