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Author/Date body vs bodyastext, attachment temp files, and html message images
02/08/2006 6:03pm
BodyAsText Issue:

Starting with 1.89t3, when I reply to messages, I've noticed I get the begining of the reply, but none of the message body.

I went into the reply configuration and replaced "bodyastext" with body, which seems to work again. I guess this doesn't work for html only messages though.

It's done this on XP computers and Windows 2000 server so far.

Is bodyastext broken or has it been replaced with just body?

Attachment Temp File Issue:

When I get attachments with messages, and some of the attachments have the same name as an attachment I've opened previously, Scribe doesn't delete/rename the old version in the temp directory and replace it with the new version, it simply opens/copies the old version.

If I open the new attachment within scribe, it opens the old version from the temp directory. If I drag it out of scribe, it still copies the old version.

HTML Image Issue:

I still can't seem to get images to display in emails no matter what options I check, OS I use, etc.

What are the requirements for this to work properly as far as configuration settings and even message content to work?
11/08/2006 11:48pm
Also, Printing no longer seems to work, as the body has disappeared off of that as well.

Viewing the message in browser and then printing will work though.
18/08/2006 11:15am
I found an issue in the HtmlToText function today that I think may relate to this issue. If a '<?xml ...>' element appears in the HTML the converter dies and exits out of the conversion loop. If you want you can send me the HTML in the message you have trouble with I can confirm that it works at this end.

In any case there is a potential fix going into the next release.

28/08/2006 5:31pm
It seems some text messages won't show in reply or forward as well.

It looks like it was related to the "-" character, I don't know if it's a hyphen or a dash.

I'll try to get an affected email posted.
02/10/2006 10:49pm
Bless you Fret!

As of 187t7, the evil forward/reply/printing bug appears to be fixed.