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27/07/2006 5:25pm
hey there, i like the utility.
just a little confused on your change filesize.
eg, i have a file, larger file, and in windows it displays on the properties
file size of 7,246,839,808 bytes.
but when i go and use ihex and change the filesize (it displays in bytes that the current file opened is 7,246,840,336 bytes). that is a big difference between windows and ihex. can you explain this or am i missing something, because i need to make this file a little larger to an exact size. lets say 7,300,000,000 bytes.
which value is correct?
28/07/2006 12:03am
In the windows property dialog there are 2 sizes, one is the filesize and the other is the size on disk. Are you getting these confused?

i.Disk will report the size according to the win32 FindFile API. I can't see how that could get mucked up. It's clearly working in 64bit otherwise it'd be way out. Some older versions only worked in 32bit, so it seems you have a recent build.