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27/07/2006 11:15am
when accidentally hitting Ctrl+H i found the "replace" option, that i did not know about (even after using Insribe for quite a bit now).

anyway, i tried some more Ctrl+... combo's and i am intrigued by the Ctrl+M option. When using these keys on an open recieved email, it deletes the email, and redownloads it from the popserver (leave on server enabeled on the options offcource)

Ctrl+W will make scribe crash by the way.

I searched the forum and came up with this old post
but the lr8 file does not help much, and the Help only occasionally mentions shortcuts
27/07/2006 11:18am
whent to luch halfway through writing the post and forgot the main question:

could you explain the use of the Ctrl+M function?
28/07/2006 12:00am
Ctrl+W shouldn't do anything, especially not crash. I'll have a look at that soon.

Ctrl+M seems to be trying to send the mail. So maybe that should be switched off on mail that your received from someone else eh!
28/07/2006 6:24am
isn't ctrl+W supposed to forward?
28/07/2006 10:13pm
Ah yes, well I'll look at it soon.
07/08/2006 4:08pm
Ctrl+W crashes also on my workstation (w2k sp4).
But only when focused on Detail view (Message Window).

Errorcode is:
Unhandle Exeption
Code: c0000005

Call Stack:
10023325: C:\Software.mail\Scribe\Lgi.dll
77E3158F: C:\WINNT\system32\USER32.dll Offset: 0x1DOE (IsCharAlphaNumericW)
00417E25: C:\Software.mail\Scribe\Scribe.exe
77E98989: C:\WINNT\system32\KERNEL32.dll Offset: 0x73 (BaseAttachCompleteThunk)

Btw, is there any Possibility to copy&paste
Errorcodes? Mark and Copy Right-Mouseclick as example.
07/08/2006 9:28pm
I fixed the Ctrl+W crash this morning.