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Author/Date iScribe free for commercial use?
11/07/2006 6:36am
G'day everyone

Is iScribe free for commercial use, or only for home use?

11/07/2006 9:24am
You can personally use it for whatever but if you are distributing it for profit (i.e. selling it) we'll have to come to an arrangement over royalties. If your just using it for answering your business email then great, enjoy it free of charge.

11/07/2006 1:15pm
Thanks... the term "commercial use" seems to have many meanings. I for one would not have thought that if a program is "free for commercial use", that that program allows royalty free redistribution.
12/07/2006 12:18am
I'm happy for people to distribute my software for free or at cost, but I think it's unfair that someone else should make a profit on my work without me benifiting. I'm talking about people distributing the software here, not people just using the software. If you are just using the software then you can use it no matter what you are doing.