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Nick Schirmer
01/07/2006 6:07am
I want to be able to open up a mail I recieve, copy the address (preferably with the name attached) and then paste it into a new email. I'm not interested in adding it to my contact list - I just need to send the email one time.

I can copy just fine, right click on the email address and choose copy. Thats easy enough. The problem is in the pasting. Lets say I'm copying from an email from "In Scribe" whose email address is It shows up in scribe as "In Scribe" <> (sometimes with a date - I think thats the last time I sent that person a message?)

When I go to paste it and press enter so that its in the list of recipients I see the following:

To: <<>>
To: <Scribe">
To: <"In>

Is this a bug that can be easily fixed? The double brackets (<< >>) mean that I can't even get the email out to the intended person without manually fixing the address.

01/07/2006 10:01am
Yes that is a "bug" in the UI sense, but what I think your looking for is this:

Instead of pasting the address into the recipients editbox, paste it straight into the list box, i.e. click the list area and "ctrl+v" and it'll show up correctly.

I will try and fix the recipient entry as well.
Nick Schirmer
01/07/2006 10:09am
Wow - Didn't know I could do that! There is still one issue - if you copy one that has a date attached, the date is still attached and the recieving person has a To line like this:

Mr Schirmer (7/1/2006 19:05:36) <deep**>

(This is copied from the headers of a test email I sent.)

Thanks for your quick reply!
01/07/2006 10:13am
Ok, another bug. The date is actually their local time right now. Useful for international corraspondence.
07/12/2006 8:51am
I think both of these are fixed in the latest dev build.