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Author/Date Synchronizing with a Palm.
14/06/2006 2:22pm
Hello Matthew,

I recently started using i.Scribe, and it seems to me as if it cant synchronize with a Palm OS device (correct me if i'm wrong). I've been thinking of coding that in myself (if I can) during my vacations. What I would like to know is, is this going to be possible using i.Scribe's plugin architecture? If so, is this architecture well documented somewhere to get me started? Or would this require changes to the internal workings of i.Scribe and thus a little out of scope as of now?


14/06/2006 10:57pm
Have you had a look at the SDK yet? I think there is some documentation in there and the header file with all the plugin objects/API etc.

Yes it possible with the current setup, although you'll need to get a version of Scribe that was compiled at the same time as the SDK. I expect you'd be able to get some functionality working with the current setup but you might need a little help to get it nicely intergrated. At which point we can roll some changes into the main release to acheive that.

There is no problem getting started now and seeing how far you get.

Also you don't need to use Lgi if you don't want to but it's easier if you do use it.
19/07/2006 2:33pm
That would be very interesting. But would it be related to a particular software, like VersaMail? And through a conduit? Just to understand.
19/07/2006 11:48pm
If someone wrote a plugin for Scribe, yes it would be specific to Scribe. What do you mean by VersaMail?

A conduit is by my understanding a way of comunicating with a Palm based device, as defined by the Palm SDK. So in their SDK there is a way to open a conduit to the device and read infomation out of it.
19/07/2006 11:50pm
Ok, VersaMail is a palm application for mail. So no I think that there is a common repositry of mail and contacts on a Palm device that Scribe could tap into for replication. So no I don't think it would be specific to a specific Palm application.
20/07/2006 10:58am
I have since then migrated to a PPC :-\ so I'll probably end up looking at a way to sync it with a PPC instead of a Palm.

I was wondering, would it be better to somehow overwrite the conduit for Outlook to sync with iScribe, or how about a stripped down version of iScribe which can read the folders file and open it directly from the card?
20/07/2006 11:26am
"the card" ???

"PPC" ???

I'm not understanding you.
20/07/2006 4:11pm
Sorry.. should've been clearer. PPC = Pocket PC, it runs windows mobile which is different from the Palm Operating System.

card = Storage card. I am thinking it would be easier to just copy the folders file to the storage card, and make a program which can directly read the file and display it on a Pocket PC.