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Author/Date Email sending from wrong account
02/03/2016 1:31am
I have two email accounts that I use including a disposable account which I use for receiving questionable email. For some reason, InScribe has decided to use this disposable account for sending all emails even though the Default send account and the Identity are both set to the primary account. The questionable account has not been set up for sending and is always failing. I have even tried to disable this account and restarted InScribe -- no luck.

Consequently, I can no longer send emails. Any ideas?
08/03/2016 1:50am
I've reconfigured the account that does not work to be the same as the account that does work and then restarted InScribe. Email is still failing and not sent and the message is:
Server error message:
553 You are not authorized to send mail as <>

where <> is no longer configured in the options. Has it cached this email address somewhere? This address is nowhere in the configuration so why is it being used? Any suggestions? Should I send you the connection.log?
08/03/2016 7:52am
The questionable account has not been set up for sending and is always failing.
In the Accounts tab, what is selected as the "default send account"?

where <> is no longer configured in the options.
Maybe it's still there somewhere... you can open the options file in a text editor and do a search. The options file is located in this folder:

That is on modern windows, in a desktop install (not portable). If it's a portable install, just look in the same folder as the .exe file.

Do any of your accounts have "only send through this account" selected in their identity tab?
13/03/2016 7:14am
I've got the send functionality working again. There was no trace of the rogue email address anywhere in the configuration, but I was using an odd, twisted setup. I switched it up to a standard configuration and that fixed it.
26/03/2016 9:56pm
I've got a new problem with this standard configuration:
I often get a popup dialog telling me "Switching to desktop mode because the install folder is not writable." Last night, I got about 30 of these which were a nuisance to close down.
How do I avoid the popup?
27/03/2016 9:56am
Where is the install folder? And what are the permissions on that folder?

Do you want the install to be portable or desktop?
10/04/2016 2:05am
The install folder is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Memecode\Scribe" and the start-in folder is x:\mail. The permissions are read-only on the install folder and full access to the start-in folder.

A desktop install would probably be most suitable.
10/04/2016 4:19am
I'm thinking that the read-only property is also giving the following symptoms:
- unable to change options for account properties
- restarting InScribe causes the download algorithm to forget which files have been downloaded and re-downloads all of them.

In order to use a set of mail folders from a different drive, would a mobile or desktop configuration be better?
04/06/2016 10:16am
I tried reinstalling v 2.1.7 and 2.1.8 before reverting back to 2.1.9 and this problem is happening again.
I'm trying to figure out what I did last time to fix it...
09/06/2016 5:45pm
In order to use a set of mail folders from a different drive, would a mobile or desktop configuration be better?
Desktop is better, but I think you won't be able to get there with the currently build. The way it works presently is either:

1) Portable: exe, resources, mail folders and settings in the one writable folder.

2) Desktop: exe and resources in "c:\program files" somewhere (not writable). And mail folders / settings in c:\users\[username]\appdata\roaming\scribe.

What you want is a desktop install WITH a custom folders / settings directory. You might be able to trick it into working by make a link from "c:\users\[username]\appdata\roaming\scribe" to "x:\" but I don't know if that will work or not.

The reason that you can't make the data folder customised is that the client needs to be able to find it without any settings available. So it's essentially hard coded. It might be possible to add the current working directory to the search path for the options file without breaking existing functionality.
19/06/2016 11:09am
I've got it sending now. The connection.log showed that the connection was made with the new email address but the "MAIL FROM" field was using the old email address. This was being rejected by the email server.
After I deleted some old emails out of the output folder, the problem went away.

I guess the MAIL FROM comes from the mail in the outbox and if this is invalid, then the mail fails to send. Unfortunately, the error message was misleading and Scribe doesn't identify which email contains the invalid From address. When there's a few emails hanging out in the outbox, it is not obvious that the From email address is invalid. There is no easy way to view the actual email address in the outbox; the alias is usually displayed.