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Author/Date "To" field on certain emails not displaying
25/02/2016 5:54am
InScribe 2.0 build 74: I just did a substantial transfer of emails from the "Sent" folder into another folder I set up. I am noticing there are now a substantial quantity of emails where the "To" field is blank both in the general listing and when I open a specific email, and also both in the "Sent" folder and the destination folder. In both folders it is all emails from 10/2012 and earlier.

I do not think this is an error that would show up in a log file, but let me know if there is anything I could send along that would help.
02/03/2016 7:35am
I'm seeing the same thing in my Sent folder, anything older than 7/8/2012 has a blank To field. And this is before I've attempted to copy or move them.

I have no idea what happened there. Obviously at some point a bug has wiped out the To field, but it got fixed and from that point on it's ok. Although gathering by the date things started getting saved right it's an older bug... 2012.

I doubt there is much that can be done at this point.