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Author/Date Possible feature for future version
22/05/2015 12:42am
With the main Scribe window itself and the sub-windows which appear when opening an individual email or composing a new one, the window sizing is retained from the previous time. However, that does not appear to be the case when I click on the ... button to choose an address from my contact list. The resulting window is some default size, which is too narrow in my case to incorporate the contact list's address and name columns both.

It would be nice if the choose-a-contact window retained the previous manually set dimensions.
22/05/2015 11:50am
In v2.1 the choose contact window is gone completely and the user will rely on the search results that drop down below the recipient entry box. It just seems to flow so much better than opening a new window.

Alternatively you can drag and drop a contact from the main window.