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Author/Date Messages not shown and not deleted
05/04/2015 2:40am
New messages are not shown (they are in log) and old messages can't be deleted.
Scribe 23.0 build 65, Win 8.1
07/04/2015 9:26am
There is important fix in the build after your version: 2.0.66 for Windows 8 users. You will need to upgrade and then move your data from
c:\Program Files (x86)\Memecode\Scribe
The files you'll have to move are the mail3 folder and the ScribeOptions.xml.

This works correctly by default from 2.0.66 onwards but for users before that there is some effort to fix the problems caused by bugs in earlier builds.

May as well use the latest build though... i.e. 2.0.67.