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17/02/2015 1:58am
iScribe 2.0.59, Windows 8.1 Home

Needs to be "Run as Administrator" to have registry write permissions. (Also crashed, don't know whether that is related though.)

Not acceptable to me. V1.90 doesn't have this problem.
17/02/2015 8:12am
Firstly please try the latest build (v2.0.65).

Yes it will with admin rights to set the registry up. But you only should need to do that once. After running with admin rights you can quit and run with normal permissions from then on.

Finally with regards to the crash. There is a crash reporting process that will help me diagnose whats going on.
02/03/2015 5:21pm
v2.0.66 addresses some permissions issues with installing on recent windows builds. The "portable" mode of storing settings and mail in the install folder will not work because Program Files is read only. So I detect that and force the desktop install mode.

As I stated earlier you still need to run as admin once to setup the registry but after that normal user permissions should be fine. If you select "Run Scribe" during the install, that will count as the "one time" setup of the registry. As the installer passes admin rights along to the Scribe process.