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29/01/2015 6:30pm
Is there any way to refresh the i.scribe client i.e reread from the SQLite database if that has been modified externally ?. I tried receive new mail but that only checked the pop server

30/01/2015 11:47am
Restart the client is the only way. But I must ask, what is modifying the sqlite database other than Scribe?
04/02/2015 7:26pm
Ok. Thanks In my case an other client of i.scribe.
Im my case I like to have to different email clients (on different hosts)sharing the same addressbook and popped emails. Is there a solution for that ?

02/03/2015 5:25pm
Shared email: IMAP server. I use dovecot.
Shared contacts: LDAP server. And no I don't have a good option to suggest there.

If I had time I could look into sharing these things as files in folders. The IMAP full implementation is basically a big tree of .eml files anyway. But I suspect I will be too busy with the HTML editing support for the next few months.