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Author/Date body printing size small despite page setup changes
24/01/2015 9:50am
I changed the font size on all available settings (options-appearance font, as well as File-Page setup) to a larger size. When I print, however, the header is adjusted to the new font type, but the body remains about size 8 or 8.5. I'm not sure if there's another setting I'm missing or something else is up, any hints are appreciated!

I'm running build 65 on Windows XP Pro.
24/01/2015 11:29am
Is the email you're printing plain text or HTML?

If it's plain text the font size is controlled by the File -> Page Setup -> Font setting.

If it's HTML then the text size is controlled by the CSS in the HTML. In that case you can't change the font size. There are a few things I can do to help you in that circumstance but I'd have to add them in a new build. i.e. they aren't user editable settings right now.

Firstly the HTML printing comes via rendering the page at screen resolution (hard coded 1000px page width) and then printing the resulting image. This is a stop gap solution until I can implement proper DPI aware HTML rendering. But changing the "page size" will effect the font size.

Alternatively I could implement some font zooming in the HTML control.
24/01/2015 11:43am
Actually in trying to answer your question I booted up the v2.1 build and it has a print preview window that allows you to change the page size it renders to. This means you have control over the perceived font size.

And I forgot to add that if you want to print HTML using your default browser you can just right click on the HTML in the email and "View In Default Browser" which will result in much better HTML output but no headers from the email.
24/01/2015 11:48am
It's actually a pretty weird problem in that it is just plain text, but it's not changing when I change the File -> Page Setup -> font size option. What DOES change is the header, ie the To:/From:/Subject:/Date:. All of those fields will adjust to the new size I choose, then there's the line break, and then the email's body comes out super small.

Is there a download link for 2.1 beta anywhere? I'd be willing to give that a try to see if I have better luck.