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Steve Noel
18/12/2014 10:04pm
I have the paid version of Scribe. The program suddenly crashed and will not re-start. I have re-booted the computer several times, and it still will not start.

The error says:

Storage failed to write the object to disk:

Object write size mismatch:
Header: 10779
Bytes written: 0
Diff: -10779
Type: aaff0001

You should restart the application and then report this problem.
Ignore all further such errors for this session?

Please advise is you have a solution for this. Thanks

19/12/2014 7:54am
How big is the folders.mail2 file?

Is it on a hard disk or flash drive?

Ultimately I suspect you'll need to convert to using a mail3 folders (File -> Upgrade Mail Store).