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Author/Date MBOX Import Corrupts Database
01/12/2014 11:48pm
I have recently upgraded my harddisk to an SSD and have upgraded inScribe from V2.B46 to V2.0.62. On importing of my historic email using the MBOX Import function the database is corrupted and cannot be recovered. I can download mails but all download emails do not appear in the Inbox or any other folder, any sent messages do not get updated when reopening inScribe and any Account definition changes are not saved. All attempts of recovery including uninstalling and reinstalling and recovery to B46 have failed. I am very dissapointed as you can imagine.
02/12/2014 7:14am
Is it mail2 or mail3 folders?
03/12/2014 10:03am
I'll assume you have a mail2 (because it's more fragile, hence moving to mail3)... basically there is a tool that reads the mail2 database and exports all objects it can find, relinked to the folder hierarchy. It can be a bit of mess afterwords but at least you can see everything. The tool is available here.

If that doesn't work then I have in the past re-constructed folders by hand for the few users that have these sorts of problems. Just zip (or 7zip) the mail2 folders and post them on Dropbox or something similar and send me the link. Turn around is a few days.