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Author/Date B62 crashes
18/11/2014 11:31pm
B62 crashes EVERY TIME as It got notification-mail from facebook
If I set cursor on from-facebook-mail B62 crashes.
If not - B62 crashes sporadic after got some mails sometimes
19/11/2014 7:08am
Can you send me the crash dump files? (The path is in the crash dialog)
20/11/2014 3:10am
It is a problem. B62 doesn't create dmp file by this crash.
Must I create its manually - by 'Tools - Debug - Crash...' ?

B62 crashed by clicking several times cursor quickly between several mails from facebook
21/11/2014 1:44am
B62 works some sporadic ... was created crash file:
21/11/2014 10:57am
I had the same problem. Try turning off the preview window; B62 stopped crashing after I did this.
21/11/2014 11:23am
If it's the display of a specific email that is causing the crash. After you turn off preview you can export the email to a file (dnd to desktop say) and then send it to me as an attachment. I'll have a look and see if it crashes for me.
22/11/2014 5:32am
I have 'Preview first few lines of emails in the list view' in turn off.
If you mean it.
But I have 'Auto.. load images in the HTML control' in turn on.
I will try turn off it now.
23/11/2014 9:48am
I get "404 this page is not found" when I go to that URL.
23/11/2014 9:59am
Must I create its manually - by 'Tools - Debug - Crash...' ?
No that tests the crash handler only. It doesn't write out a dump file from a previous crash.
23/11/2014 10:31am
This morning I borrowed some Facebook notification emails (I don't use Facebook personally) and found a hang in the HTML code. It was trying to find the best font size for a certain pixel height and just getting stuck in an infinite loop. That could be related to the issue you're talking about?

I'll make a build later today and get you to try it.
23/11/2014 11:54pm
Try pls
23/11/2014 11:57pm
few days I try B62 in turn off: 'Auto.. load images in the HTML control'
There are no any problems

Now I turn on it.