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24/05/2003 10:59am
I installed iScribe this afternoon and then the spell checking, HTML and zip plug-ins, along with around
180 emails from my current account in order to play with program a bit. It's all working fine and, since I'm looking to switch, iScribe could be my new email client. But, I do have a couple questions though after looking over the site, forum and FAQ.

1. Will it support IMAP?
2. The message preview pane and message windows don't seem to support scrolling with a mouse wheel. Is
this a function of the program or did my installation of the HTML plug-in cause it to occur?
3. Is there a way to change the panes so that the folders pane runs from top to bottom on the left side
of the program versus having the message preview pane cover from left to right. Basically, I have lots
of folders and long messages.
4. I tried printing several email messages, including Lockergnome Windows Daily, and I get
"Exception_Access_Violation" error messages and then the program crashes. (WinXP Pro, 320MB RAM)(i.Scribe v1.86 (Test25, Win32 Release) Build: May 21 2003, 12:32:51)

A very cool program fRet...
25/05/2003 7:31am
- IMAP, there is a full online IMAP implementation thats gathering dust. I wrote it but never tested it enough to release. So I should really get around to doing that hey!

- Preview/Folder layout: This is on the todo.

- Printing crash: If you download the file and unzip the contents into the Scribe dir, and then reproduce the crash then it'll write a CrashData.txt file into the Scribe directory that I can use to debug the crash. If you want ;)
25/05/2003 7:33am
Oh about the mouse wheel, I think you have to give the window focus (by clicking on it) first to make the mouse wheel work. All windows support the mouse wheel where appropriate.
25/05/2003 12:31pm

No hurry on the IMAP implementation, but I would like to check it out whenever you feel it's ready.

Looking forward to the options for rearranging the layout of the preview pane and folders.

I'll download the file you mentioned and see if I can capture some data for you to look at when it crashes from printing.

My mouse wheel seems to work fine for long text document, but not for HTML documents... strange.

Thanks for getting back with your comments!

27/05/2003 8:55pm
Yes I've seen this too, i.e. if you're using the IeHTML plugin, the mousewheel doesn't scroll. However if you press the middle button it does give the internet explorer scrolling icon and then you can move the mouse up/down to scroll.