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21/05/2003 12:54pm
Ok, here goes! I'm running X at 1024x768x14 I think.

1) For some reason my NVidia driver won't go up to 32bit. When I run test 25, the buttons have no graphical icons.

2) Scrolling the folder list is very slow (I always have the message preview pane open).

3) The text contents of the folder list is messed up. I can email you a small PNG image of this if you want to see it. I think the folder icons in the folder list aren't getting drawn and re-drawn.

4) Opening windows (options, new mail etc) is still slow and takes several seconds.

5) The text box where you enter the server address still doesn't scroll.

But overall it's much more usable than the last version. I can send and receive emails!

Thanks again
21/05/2003 12:56pm
One more. When I view some emails, the preview pane isn't re-drawn properly and is only a fraction of the size it should be. Again I have a PNG if you want me to mail it to you.

21/05/2003 1:08pm
Oops, that should be 1024x768x24
21/05/2003 2:40pm
Well how weird is this. When I was running X at 1024x768x24, Scribe would start as 1024x768x32.

Now I'm running X at 1024x768x32, Scribe says it is starting at 1024x768x16!!

In 32bit mode the icons are visible and folder list is rendered properly. The preview pane still isn't always rendered properly though.

The new contact window takes about 5s to appear.

Great job though! It's definitely getting closer to the Windows version.
21/05/2003 2:47pm
Now if only I could get Scribe to run from Mandrake's menus!!
21/05/2003 7:40pm
I know the 24bit X depth is busted, thats what I've got at home. So I'll get onto that.

To run it from a menu, I suggest putting a link to in your /usr/lib directory. Then you can call "scribe" to start the app and it'll be able to find the path to the library. Alternatively somewhere in your startup script (wherever that is) you can put this:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/somepath/iscribe:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

To put Scribe's directory into the path.

21/05/2003 8:16pm
Re 1) I've fixed the 24bit problem.

Re 2), are you changing the selection in the list (say using arrow keys) or just scrolling the items in the list? Everytime the selection changes Scribe has to update the preview pane contents (non-trivial amount of text layout/display) whereas just scrolling the contents of the list (which doesn't change the selection) should be fast because all it has to do it update the list box.

Re 3), yes do send a PNG, I'd like to see it.

Re 4) Openning Windows, I've started profiling this, and I havn't found the bottleneck yet. I suspect it's something to do with the speed that X creates widgets but I'm not sure yet. It's pretty much the next thing to attack.

Re 5) I know about this, and it was listed in the "known problems" of the readme... I'll fix it soon.
21/05/2003 8:35pm
Re 4) I've fixed this too!!

It was simple really, the edit boxes were creating their own font each time, and the font face/height/style was being looked up from the config files everytime... somewhere in the order of 100ms for each control created. So I just made it use the system font instead, which is already created once at startup and now reused for every edit box. Runs much faster.
21/05/2003 8:50pm
2) For some reason, it's really slow when I run X at 1024x769x24 and Scribe detects 1024x768x32. When I run X in 32bit, Scribe detects 16 and the scrolling is fine.

3) Let me dig out the PNG; can't remember where I saved it.
21/05/2003 8:53pm
I would send it but Scribe crashed when I attached the image. :P
21/05/2003 9:04pm
Thanks I got it anyway. :)
21/05/2003 9:06pm
Excellent. :)
21/05/2003 9:17pm
Test26 :)
21/05/2003 9:18pm
Are you going to wait awhile before the next release?
21/05/2003 9:22pm
I'm still getting the problem where the preview pane is smaller than it should be. It started up much quicker though. It's also quicker when opening windows - awesome!
21/05/2003 9:23pm
What officially?

Nope test26 is there for the trying... I don't think it can be any worse than test25. If I think there is little chance of moving backwards I'll do a "test##" build and be done with it.

I won't post it too freshmeat or anything, just nice and quite.
21/05/2003 9:24pm
Yeah I havn't fixed the preview window thing (and all the other issues listed in the readme) but I thought the 24bit support and the faster dialogs were worth the trouble of building and uploading.
21/05/2003 9:26pm
Ah! Yes it is definitely faster, though still a little slower than Windows when opening Windows. Though my PC is always a bit slower under Linux than Windows. I'll be using Test 26 for my day to day email now instead of kmail, so we'll see what happens!!