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Author/Date Problem with some caracters
05/05/2003 1:07pm
Hi, i'm using i.scribe 1.86 and there's a problem with special caracters, I'm from Argentina so we use some different caracters like: .
But i.scribe doesn't seem to recognize them for example i see a instead .

Another thing, when new mail arrives and the program is minimized in the traybar, is there any way to turn off the "open new email message when doubleclicking on the traybar icon" and open the program window instead of the new mail?


chali from Argentina
05/05/2003 7:16pm
Are these characters in mail that you've received? Or somewhere else in the UI?

What OS are you using?

I tried pasting them into a mail and sending it to myself, and it all worked fine (on Win2K). Maybe if you gave me some more information on how this happens, I could reproduce it and therefor fix it.