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Author/Date Error when open seconde instance of scribe ... :-(
29/04/2003 9:15pm
When scribe is already open and i clic to start it again, y try to create an other foldermail...

I have lost somme mail because my scribe is configured to load mail on start .... and the mail loaded in that case, go in the no where ... :-(

You can tri to make a function that check via DDE variable if scribe is alredy open :-)
29/04/2003 11:57pm
I can't do that because sometimes you WANT 2 instances of Scribe running. For example my wife and I are both using the computer at home, both using our own installs of Scribe and they are both running at the same time.

In that case it makes sense, however I understand that you don't want 2 instances loading the SAME options file/mail folder, in which case Scribe should detect that instance and quit the 2nd instance. This is possible.

Also it highlights a problem with the download mail on start code, this should not attempt a connection until it has somewhere to store the mail. Which shouldn't be to hard to make happen.

Recently someone pointed out that with some simple yet hard to isolate set of steps you could completely overwrite your mail folders. So I have already changed the code to under no circumstances overwrite an existing folder, even when you "Create Folder" on that filename.
30/04/2003 1:51pm
Cool !

do you have make that change for the test23 or for other later test ?
30/04/2003 7:27pm
No it's not implemented yet.
30/04/2003 9:19pm
Ok i'am wait for that !