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25/04/2003 12:40am
A suggestion for filter functionnalitie.

You can add a function "Add as filter" in mouse right clic on selected email and/or batch of selected email...

"Add as filter" can create automaticly a filter for delete all the selected email adresse.
25/04/2003 2:19am
There is something like this when you right click on the message pane once the mail window is open.
25/04/2003 8:40pm
Is because y receive 200 mail by hours on my personnal mail, from a total of 10000 diferent server (aprox.)

Y juste want to select all the mail must be deleted and mark as to delete by filter...
04/05/2003 3:18am
You can take a look to MailWasher to see what i mean about:

select, select, select, select .... right clic ... Add to filter...