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21/04/2003 11:55am
First of all: a really great program - I switched from Outlook Express to i.Scribe 4 weeks ago and don't want to miss it anymore. Small (esp. in tray), fast, full of helpful features. Thanks a lot!
My question: how can I prevent i.Scribe from downloading the emails from my POP3-account to my PC after the notification?
- "Download mail on startup" is disabled
- "Don't download email larger than ..." is set to 0 kb's
- Version: Test20
24/04/2003 3:02am
"Don't download mail larger than '0' KBs" will download ALL mail, it effectively switches off the download size restriction.

If you want to leave the mail on the server after you have downloaded it (which is what I assume you want) then you'll find the option to do that in the POP settings tab of the account window.

If you want to stop the auto-download happening then clear the "Check every [_] minutes" option in the same place. Alterntively you can select "Work Offline" in the file menu to temporarily stop automatic connects.
24/04/2003 2:37pm
Thanks for your reply!
Maybe my request was not precise enough - is there a setting in i.Scribe that allows to use the notification but not to download the emails automatically.
It might be helpful to see first what's in the pop3-account before the emails are downloaded (e.g. spam that I want to delete directly without having them on my PC)
24/04/2003 6:57pm
Currently there is no way to do that. But it's an interesting possibility, fire up the preview window instead of downloading mail.

I'll think about it for a future release.
12/05/2003 5:06pm
You can use mailwasher; as a program that checks your mail, then process the mail you want and it will open iScribe automatically. (Though, it would be better to have it in for a future release :))
12/05/2003 6:46pm
I've been using the preview more often now, because I can cull the spam for both installs that read from the same server. So I'm going to persue a "preview" first option.