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Author/Date Zero length mails
18/04/2003 7:05am
it is very strange for me. When I try to load messages from POP3 server, I can get only zero length mails. When I create new file with message store and create new settings, everything goes well. But after some time, there are zero lenght mail again. This was tested with Test20 and Test17. Is there any inconsistence in message store file? But this bug start after I updated to Test20.

Prague, Czech republic
18/04/2003 7:30am
This is what happens when something clobbers the start of the mail object in the storage files. Because the ID is overwritten, Scribe doesn't load the object and you get a zero size mail.

If your running '9x/ME it's probably caused when the OS or Scribe crashes and then writes garbage to disk.

Otherwise it's definately a bug somewhere in Scribe. I get this too, every coupla months a few zero size messages appear. Usually too little to find the problem though. It's never repeatable so I have no idea which bit of code causes it.