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Author/Date Error in Czech language version
12/04/2003 9:05pm
Dear fRET,

I just downloaded Scribe test 20 and there is an error in Czech translation.

When it starts there is a menu on 2 rows!

original In English :
File : Edit : Mail : Contacts : Filters : Tools : Help

Strange in In Czech :
File : Edit : Mail : Contacts : Filters : Tools : Personal Address Book : Messages, Folders and Contacts : MBX Files (from version 4) : DBX Files (v 5,6) : Contacts : Contacts : Contacts Netscape : Delete all attachments in active folder : Help

All Czech values are translated. The values after Tools menu comes from IMPORT menu in English version. There must be something strange in *.lr8 file with Czech translation...

As I can see, bad values are for example in STRING REF=241. There is no translation for Czech (code 10) and no definiton DEFINE (only ""). When I add translation in code 10 for Czech language, menu is there. So is automatic replacing with default value, if there is no translation, functional?

Svatopluk Vit
Prague, Czech republic
13/04/2003 4:31am
See this.