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08/04/2003 7:43am

I would like to know where are stored the attached files.

If I want to move i.Scribe what i have to do ?

Thanks in advance
08/04/2003 8:42am
The file 'Scribe.r' contains all your options, accounts and other settings.

The file 'Folders.mail2' contains all your email, contacts, calendar entries and attachments.

If those 2 files are copied into the same directory as the exe, dll and so files from a Scribe download then you will have a full install. Those 2 files comprise all the data Scribe creates after you install it. And are the key parts that need to be backed up or moved.
09/04/2003 3:33pm
I copied my .r file into the new test 19 directory, but when I ran Scribe (test 19) and attempted to view the options, the dialog box was empty.
09/04/2003 6:32pm
I don't know if this is what might causing a problem but I'll put it out there.

The .r file and the .exe files need to have the same name. They do by default.

So scribe.r <-> scribe.exe works, if you rename either of them then you have to keep the names in sync.

It's probably not the issue here though.
10/04/2003 5:45pm
Hmm, I didn't rename any files, so that probably wasn't it.