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04/04/2003 1:45pm
Can you tell me the correct way to load a plug in? I am using iScribe 1.84 and an trying to install the Aspell Plug in. Down loaded the zip file, and extracted as a sub folder within my iScribe folder. When I try to add the Plug In I get the error message 'The procedure entry point ?OnHitTest@Glist@@UAEHHH@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library Lgi.dll'

Aside from this - only found iScribe last night, but love it!

Many Thanks
04/04/2003 6:24pm
The plugins only run with the current version (v1.86-test17).

I don't keep old plugins on the site because I don't have unlimited space.
18/04/2003 7:30pm
The spelling plugin is running fine with the version of iscribe I just installed.

i.Scribe v1.86 (Test20, Win32 Release)
Build: Apr 11 2003, 18:13:19

Three files appear to be required, which incude Aspell, the dictionary file (The english one in my case) and then the zip file with the .dll for the spell checker.