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Author/Date Scribe update for Zeta?
02/04/2003 10:24pm
Zeta from Yellowtab ( will be released shortly.

There are some nice comments about i.scribe on bebits. Even a new language pack was updated just days ago. So apperantly people still uses it.

Any plans to take up development on the BeOS version of scribe?
02/04/2003 10:56pm
The YellowTab site has precious little on what kernel Zeta is based on. They infer that it's the real BeOS kernel, post r5... which to be honest is the property of Palm. And YellowTab don't appear to have any links to Palm. This all sounds way too fishy for my likely. So when YellowTab get dragged through the courts I don't want to be there to watch.

I wasted years of my life on BeOS. It never delivered, it was always behind and never caught up. I'm not about to start that again. Linux sucks, but so does Windows and everything else I've ever used.

On top of that the dev version is 60 usd... I've spent enough money on BeOS over the years. I tired of it. OpenBeOS will be free... and safe.
03/04/2003 12:16am
Yellowtab licensed the code from Be before Palm bought them out and at that point had gotten a license to use the code indefinitely.

However, I understand your points. Maybe the market isn't big enough to be profitable, at the moment anyway.