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Author/Date Problems sending email with Test 16
01/04/2003 12:59pm
I just installed version Test 16 and I'm having problems sending emails. When I send them, they just sit in the outbox and won't get sent, no matter what I try. I'm going to try Test 15 again to see if that works (in case it's my ISP's fault).

Anyone else witnessed this or is it just me?

01/04/2003 1:03pm
Test 15 seems to work fine, although I had to re-enter the identity information.

Another question. Why does iScribe not display my identity when I view the configuration options? I entered my name and email in the program settings and the account settings, but when I close the window and go back into settings, both of these areas are empty.

02/04/2003 8:19pm
I have the same problem with Test17.
02/04/2003 10:23pm
Because I recently rewrote the internals of the sending and receiving a lot of the normal error messages and feedback aren't working. So sorry about that, but it was necessary to make the software stable.

Ok, there are quite a few reasons why it may not be working:
- Check that your email and name is in Options -> Identity.
- Check your account has a valid server in the 'Send' tab. The identity in the account settings is not relevant to i.Scribe.
- Check that the emails in the outbox have recipients.
- Once the send has been attempted, look in the status window, in the log tab for red lines in the connection history. These often have english error messages that help with the problem.

Are you using SOCKS5 or SSL?