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Author/Date Are data files interchangeable between Linux and Windows?
31/03/2003 4:50pm
I already have the Windows version of iScribe running on my PC. I just installed Linux this afternoon, and I thought I would try out IScribe with it (Mandrake 9.1). Can I just use my existing data files or do I need to take a copy of them?

31/03/2003 5:24pm
The Scribe.r and Folders.mail files are the two important data files Scribe uses and can be read/written to by either version.

That is the point of having the same software on both OS's so that you can use the one mail store.

I store the folders on a FAT32 partition so that both Windows and Linux can read/write the file. However at the moment I'm not sharing the settings file 'scribe.r' because I'm still testing and I have different options set for testing. i.e. "Leave mail on server" ;)
31/03/2003 8:52pm
FAT32? Damn, I have an NTFS partition. That never occurred to me when I installed Windows.