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Author/Date Creating a new calendar event
28/03/2003 6:32am
Would it be possible to make it such that if i am in one of my calendar folders, and I press Ctrl-N, it opens up the new calendar event window instead of the new email window? :) Also perhaps a hotkey to show/hide the calendar?Thanks. Just too used to doing all the work through the keyboard here.
28/03/2003 11:17am
Well forgot to say. Good work on the client, I check the website every couple of days and i always see new changes to the code and a new test build every week or so. Its hard to maintain that and this is certainly the only email client that I know of which is being updated regularly. And its jam packed with features considering its small size.

Have you considered making it open source? Or if not open source (honestly open source isn't very attractive to me) having more than one dev on this project? Which would mean that if you have to be away someone else would be working on it? I know of a couple of projects which work like that (i.e having 2-3 head devs) who do project check ins every few days and it works really well.

Hmm anyhow just rambling. When I start getting attatched to a project, I like throwing in my ideas :)