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Author/Date Feature request when Scribe first loaded
26/03/2003 12:22pm
When Scribe loads, I think it should automatically select the first email in the list, and therefore display that message's contents in the preview pane. I know this is me being lazy, but I think it's just a nice user interface touch that makes life that little bit easier.

P.S. I've now fully switched to using iScribe! Great little program!
02/05/2003 1:41am
Personally I prefer not to have the first email opened. If it's a spam letter I have no desire to even see it. Perhaps an option in the configuration that would allow you to choose would be the best route.
31/05/2003 1:20pm
Same here... sometimes an email may cause trouble and if it loads everytime Scribe starts, deleting will be terribly impossible!