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Author/Date Calendar bug?
25/03/2003 11:08am
I created a new calendar entry and entered the subject text. Then I clicked Save&Close. It worked just fine. Then I re-opened the same item, and set the end date to be 11:30pm on that day. I clicked Save&Close again, and the entry was deleted from the calendar. I can reproduce this everytime.

25/03/2003 11:09am
Also, if I specify an end time when I create an entry, the entry isn't saved to the calendar when I click Save&Close.
25/03/2003 6:22pm
Whats happening is that the time is set on the end date and not the date. This causes the save code to flip the start and end because it thinks the end is before the start. "0/0/0 is before 20/3/2003".

So the event is moved to the day 0/0/0, which is kinda pointless I know. The event is still in the /Calendar folder so you can find it there. You don't have to manage all events through the calendar view interface. The events also exist in the folder/list view.

I should copy the date from the start field when someone sets the time on the end field. I have been coping the start into the end by hand, then setting the time. But I don't expect people to have to do that in general. It's still a new feature so some usability issues still exist.

I'll do something about this for the next release. In the mean time just make sure the end date is not 0/0/0 by copying in the right date.
25/03/2003 6:24pm
Ok - thanks!