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Author/Date Cursor placement when replying to an email
25/03/2003 10:17am
I have my reply xml file set up perfectly, so I can quote the email to which I am replying. When I click the reply button, the quoted text is perfect, but the cursor is placed near the bottom of the new message. I have to manually move it back to the top of the message. I was just wondering if anyone else suffers this, and whether people think that the cursor should automatically be placed at the very beginning of the email, just to make it easier to use the program.

25/03/2003 6:17pm
You can use the <cursor> XML tag to position the cursor anywhere in the formatted reply.

Are you using that tag?
25/03/2003 6:25pm
Well I'll be........!

I was using that tag in the wrong place without even realising what it did! I moved the tag to the start of the xml file and it works! Thanks!