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Author/Date March 20 2003 Inscribe Build
22/03/2003 7:47am
I get an error, again it happens when i try to scroll/view messages

Unhandled Exception
Code: c0000005

Call stack:
0040F261: C:Program FilesScribeScribe.exe Offset: 0x3704 (ScribeWnd::MailMerge)
22/03/2003 6:02pm
This is one of the unfixed bugs in the history.

I've got access to 3 machines and 5 OS's... and I've just gone and checked all of them. And I can't get it to crash. The debugging trace doesn't tell me anything useful. Several people have already tried running symbol builds for me.

This is my number one priority right now but I don't know what to do about it next.

I think I'll put speculative exception handlers around various bits of code in the Mail::OnMouseClick handler and see what turns up in new releases.
23/03/2003 9:56am
I have the same problem - but I cannot InScribe to crash.
If there's anything to try with debug versions just let me know! :-)