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22/03/2003 2:56am
Sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand me anyway.

I've noticed some details (or minor bug?):
- The "Preview" window doesn't go on top but it opens in a
- when I "Compact Folder" scribe doesn't stay on top
- When I place the cursor over an e-mail address the "New
Email To..." in the right click menu does nothing
- When I import adrress book from .cvs file all the
imported conctacts are void...
- The icon in a system train doesn't close when I insert the
wrong password in the open window
Very good client!

Best Regards.
22/03/2003 5:00pm
Don't worry your English is OK, I can understand it all.

Preview - There are 2 preview windows, the 'item preview' and the 'account preview'. Which are you talking about?

Compact - This is a known problem that I've tried (and failed) to fix before. When the dialog closes Windows sends the main window to the back. It's not by design.

New Email to - This calls your default mail client, and if it's not setup correctly nothing happens. Set Scribe to the default and it'll open a new Scribe mail window.

Cvs Import - You have to map the fields in the CSV file to the Scribe fields. So click on each of the rows in the import window and you'll get a list of available Scribe fields to map to. Once the mapping is setup then import. If you still have problems, then I'd like to see the source CSV file if you don't mind.

Tray Icon - Ok, I think thats just a bug. I'll have a look at it.
23/03/2003 5:12pm
Preview - I'm talking about 'account preview'. It opens to the back but only when the program displays the "password dialog window"...(it seems the same problem of "compact folder"!)
Sorry to border you but I have also some questions:
- Is it possible to receive the header of e-mail that scribe doesn't download due to its size without using the 'account preview'?
- Could I insert date&time in the signature?
- How may I register a version of In.Scribe without a credit Card?
23/03/2003 7:32pm
Password - This is fixed in the next release.

Date/Time in sig - Yeah sure, I'm about to change the formats of the .sig and reply/forward formats to be compilant with the new field format. So it'd be a good time to add a 'now' DOM field in.

Instead of XML based formats, I'd like to use a more web scripting approach:


<? ?>

This will allow you to mix HTML and fields in the one peice of input text. The templates are going to support this real soon now. And there's a mail merge feature I've been working on that uses this format. So if the sig and reply/forward use it too then it makes everything the same.

Down the track the editor will support HTML, so I need to fix the sig now anyway.
23/03/2003 7:36pm
According to this Kagi will accept money orders and cheques.

Maybe one of those options will work for you...