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10/03/2003 3:04pm
Ok i really like Inscribe, and the later beta builds provide for extra nice functionality, However, with test 12 whenever i click on an email, it crashes. It only seems to happen sometimes though, especially when i move through the accounts. This does not happen with the stable build.

Keep up the great work, looking forward to V2 :D

10/03/2003 5:31pm
I've put '' online (in the normal place). If you unzip that into the test12 directory and get it to crash again, it should give you some .cpp or .h + line number file listings in 'crashdata.txt'.

I would find that very useful in tracking down the crash and fixing it.

11/03/2003 3:59pm
Sorry mate, it didnt even create a CrashData.txt file. It seems to be something with the listview. I click on an account and then the mail, sometimes if i click on the listview it crashes big time.

Hope this helps, i will be happy to provide more information if needed
11/03/2003 7:38pm
I emailed you directly...

Let me know the results.
15/03/2003 6:29am
I have tried with test 14, and it still happens. Attached is the log.

Unhandled Exception
Code: c0000005

Call stack:
0040F0D3: C:Program FilesScribeScribe.exe Offset: 0x3585 (ScribeWnd::Preview)