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Author/Date When startup scribe, sometime status stay connected...
09/03/2003 1:12pm
I use i.Scribe version 1.86 test 11

When i start scribe, sometime status stay to connected.
Is not connected (but i think) whit my server.

I have wait 15 minute, no change...
10/03/2003 6:03am
This happens with some TCP/IP links, and to be honest I think it is in the operating systems network stack. It just doesn't time out, and gets stuck somewhere.

Generally you just click the "close connection" button in the status of that account and off you go again.

It doesn't happen to me much on broadband/LAN, I think it's mainly a dialup issue.
14/03/2003 1:22pm
I dont know !

With version 1.56, il have no proble like that ?!?!

Do you have other idea ?
14/03/2003 1:23pm
I am on DSL
08/04/2003 5:24am
Sometimes I've noticed that the light on the status bar stays green simply because the end of session wasn't propagated up to the UI. And by hiding/showing the window it shows the true - disconnected state.

This has been fixed in later releases. Let me know if it pops up again.
28/04/2003 1:27am
On what version you have try to correct this ?
28/04/2003 1:32am
For now, the status is not stay on state "Connected" but it stay on state "Setup"....

In that case, i can't send the email y have create !!!
28/04/2003 1:33am
I don't remember exactly, but probably around v1.86-test16 or so.
28/04/2003 1:38am
I work a bit to find on what case the probleme comme...

It was 1 time of 6 when i start scribe !?!?

You have idea ?
28/04/2003 1:40am
i use test22
28/04/2003 1:41am
I would normally try and ping the mail server if the setup hangs.

The sort of tasks done in the setup phase are:
- retreive identity from options
- find outbox and load it's contents
- run through the outbox and build list of mail to send
- retrieve account server/port and password

At which point the status goes to "connecting". None of those look like they could get stuck easily except the loading Outbox. If it was corrupted or something?
28/04/2003 2:13am
So is this even before you try and send something?

No, I don't have any idea yet.
29/04/2003 11:21pm
Is only when i start scribe...

Probably in phase connecting and receiving mail !

for a scenario:
- I clic on icon of scribe
- Scribe start and go try to load email from server (because option load when start is on)
***ok, at this point, on version 1.86 test 11 the status stay, sometime, to "connected...".***

- loading email
***ok, at this point, on version 1.86 test 11 the status stay, sometime, to "Setup...".***

the connection is stang. No possibility to close connection or send any what !

I need to close scribe and reopen again !