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Author/Date templates
06/03/2003 11:25pm
How to use them??
Would it be a possibilty to allow xml templates? I mean what purpose does it serve as of now?
06/03/2003 11:53pm
I have standard mail that I mail to new customers for instance, all the body of the message is pre-filled and the recipient is taken from the clipboard, because I have that option switched on.

Then I just fiddle the bits of the body that need changing and I'm ready to send.

I guess at some point people are going to want to be able to "script" the templates, which I'll need to do myself in the next week or so for a particular mailout I have to do. Anyway let me know what sorts of things you would like to do with it and I'll keep that in mind as I'm coding.
07/03/2003 6:25pm
frankly, for me the xml that you have provided right now would be enough. I would be happy having something like:

Hi (person's name... taken dynamically from the recipents list or address book),

with regards to (message subject.. or if its a reply), blah blah.

Take care,
(my name taken from the scribe 'from name' option).

(today's date)


So basically i need two options.. for it to dynamically put the date, and the recipents name as soon as i press enter in the 'to' field. Or if its being sent to mutliple recipients then to enter each one's name and send the email separately.. something like that.

Others might be able to add more complex stuff. :-)