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Author/Date Sent Items, "To" & "CC"
03/03/2003 6:44pm

Just noticed a bug (well I think it is).

If you send an email and put the To address in first, then put the CC address in, once you click 'Send' it saves it to the Sent Items folder fine.

But when you look in the Sent Items folder, you'll notice that the 'To' address column has the CC address you put in. I'd have thought that this should show the To address?

Don't think I've explained it very well, but you should get the gist.
03/03/2003 6:53pm
All recipients are stored in the same internal list. Each entry has a field saying whether it's CC or To or BCC. However the display of the "To" field in the list view just picks out the first entry in the list, and if that happens to be a CC entry then you see the behavious you describe.

But I just had to make an abitary decision as to what part of the list I display in the To column, and the first entry is as good as any other.

Hope that clears things up.
03/03/2003 6:57pm
Ok that's cool - I'll remember to put them in the correct order next time.

Also, just another little thing:

When you get the password wrong when loading Scribe, it doesn't clean up the systray icon (WinXP) when it quits.