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Author/Date Nasty bug..
03/03/2003 5:46pm

After a few hrs of using scribe, it has suddenly started crashing as soon as I send an email.. it doesn't just crash, it brings the whole OS down.. showing the dump screen and then restarting the system. (WinXP)

Anyhwo just wanted to know if this is a known problem? or what could be the cause of it. For now I cant afford another restart but when I have time, I'll make sure I take down the error msg and put it here.
03/03/2003 6:00pm
Owwwww, thats really bad! (Apart from it not supposed to be able to happen...)

I gather you're using v1.86-Test10?
03/03/2003 6:32pm
Ok I couldn't stay away from using my fav email client ;-) So I tried to downgrade.. problem occurs on Test 9 as well as 1.85. The error is DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.. I thought it might've been a driver issue, but I really haven't changed any drivers.. and no other software seems to crash the system.

Hope that was helpful..anything else I can do to get rid of the bug? I'll hopefully do a little more testing tonight and try to see the specific conditions where the error occurs.
03/03/2003 11:20pm
Fixed it.. apparently it WAS a driver issue :-) Sorry for the bother.
03/03/2003 11:27pm
Thats good to hear... I was getting worried.

Thanks for keeping me updated.
06/03/2003 5:27am
Did you have this problem on a laptop with an ATI Rage Mobility chipset? I've seen this exception being thrown on a number of these latops.