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03/03/2003 1:47pm

Just a suggestion regarding the calender. Would it be possible to include an option to 'remember last view'. I prefer using the week view.. not a big deal really, but would be useful if it always opened up in a predefined view. Hmm maybe a hotkey to pop up the calender would be good as well.

03/03/2003 2:54pm
Oh, just one other thing. It shows the attendees email addresses in the scheduling tab, does it also email the attendees?
03/03/2003 5:57pm
I can add some code to store the view mode for when you open the calendar again.

Currently the calendaring doesn't email the attendees about the calendar item, but I'm planning to add all that in the near future. I have a todo list as long as my arm for the shared calendaring.

Thanks for the input though.