Addon Libraries
This download contains extra libraries that add functionality to i.Scribe or InScribe.

The HTML control can load graphics out of the email's attachments, if it can decode the compressed image. The decoder libraries for PNG and JPEG are included in this download.

The support for less used / more complicated charsets is provided by iconv which is included.

All files should be saved in into your path or your Scribe folder. On windows you can unzip into your System32 directory. My other applications will take advantage of the libraries (.DLL's) if present in the path (i.e. System32) but by installing them into the Scribe directory you don't leave them hanging around after an uninstall. Your choice.

You DON'T have to load these files in the Scribe plugins window. Scribe will find and use them simply by their being present in the same directory.

1.00 [Stable]

Initial release.