Debug Builds
If Scribe crashes on you, there is little you can normally do except complain to me about it. But with the advent of some new debugging code in the libraries I can now pull useful information out of a debug build of my applications that will tell me exactly where the crash occured and what the calling code was.

So if your interested in getting a debug build, running it and then sending me crash data than you should check for a current debug build for the application. This will by listed on the application's page, marked as 'debug'. Usually it'll be a pre-release of the new version. It will be much larger than a normal release, but thats because all the debug info is included. Unzip the debug build into a separate directory than your normal installation and fire it up. If you want you can copy accross the folder file and ???.r file that contains your options to make setup simple and painless. Now run the app and get it to crash again. It will write the crash data into a file called 'crashdata.txt' in the app's directory. This will need to include file/line information to be useful to me. You'll be able to tell if everything is working by file names having extensions like .cpp and .h, if they have extensions like .exe and .dll then it's not finding the debug info.

Here is an example of mixed crash data:

Unhandled Exception
  Code: xxxxxxxx
  Description: xxxxx_xxxxx_xxxxx

Call stack:
00413DDD: D:\Code\Scribe\Code\ScribeApp.cpp Line: 2771
10028685: d:\code\lgi\debug\Lgi.dll
00413499: D:\Code\Scribe\Code\ScribeApp.cpp Line: 2572
1002285F: d:\code\lgi\debug\Lgi.dll
77E12E98: D:\WINNT\system32\USER32.dll Offset: 0x490 (ScrollDC)
0041D185: D:\Code\Scribe\Code\ScribeMain.cpp Line: 87
77E97D08: D:\WINNT\system32\KERNEL32.dll Offset: 0xDA8 (CreateProcessW)
Good lines are marked in green and bad lines are marking in red. If they are all bad then something is wrong with the debug info, sometimes I find the first time it doesn't work and then the second time it does. So try crashing it a few times before giving up. Then just send me the crashdata.txt file and give a detailed description of what you were doing when it crashed. If there is a 'scribe.txt' file then send that as well, sometimes it has useful information in it as well.

If you send my files, then delete the copies on your local drive before continuing because I don't really want to get duplicate information, thanks.

You will need these DLL's on your system:

If you don't have them then you can grab them here. Grab the zip and extract the files into your system directory or the debug version directory.