Scribe Autozip
This plugin for Scribe can automatically zip outgoing email's attachments. A list of excluded file extensions is provided via the plugins settings so that you can tell the plugin not to zip certain types of files. This plugin should be installed via the File -> Plugins window once you have unzipped it into the Scribe directory.

This plugin has to be associated with the contacts you want to auto-zip attachments to. To associate this plugin with a Contact, open the Contact and select "AutoZip" in the plugins tab.

The outgoing mail in the sent folder will contain the resultant zip file instead of the individual attachments. Multiple files will be put in the one zip file. Files that match the exclude list are not changed.

Download from the appropriate sub-folder:

1.00 [Stable]

Initial release:
  • Automatically zips outgoing attachments.
  • Includes excluded file types list. Use ';' or spaces to separate extensions, i.e. "*.zip *.png *.jpg".
  • Saves bandwidth and local storage.