Spell Check Support
Here is how you set up spell check in Scribe:
Note: This function used to be handled by a plugin in v1.x, however v2.x does not require a plugin, it's part of the base software.
Windows Users Mac Users
Step 1
To do spell checking on Windows you'll have to install Aspell. At the time posting this, to get a functional install I used the installer and english dictionary from here.
Install the "Full installer" and one or more dictionaries.
Then if Scribe is running, restart it.
Step 1
The Mac build uses the system spell check. So there is nothing to do here.
Common Steps
Step 2
Go to File → Options and then the Other tab.
Step 3
Switch on "Spell Check".
Step 4
Also select a dictionary from the list below that.
After installation and configuration as you type in the message area the spell checker will constantly check the words you type and underline in red those that are mis-spelt.
Right click to select the correct spelling or add to the dictionary.