Roll Credits


Roll Credits takes a still image and makes a scrolling credits AVI out of it, by starting with all black and then scrolling the image from the bottom up at the specified rate, until the bottom of the image has scrolled past the top of the screen and then it stops.

Most movie editors make this way harder than it has to be, so I wrote this utility to do the credits for a production I was involved in. I exported the AVI to DVD and played it on the big screen.

The image is centered on the screen, the background is preset to black at the moment. PAL and NTSC are the only supported output formats at the moment.


Version: v0.3 [Stable]


0.3 [Stable]
Download: Installer [Windows x32, 499K, 31/3/2009]

  • Rewrote the front end after losing the code and binaries *sigh*.
  • Added option for custom frame size and rate.
  • Added a progress bar.
0.2 [Stable]
0.1 [Stable]