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Date: 21/12/2016
Tags: scribe html-editor
The merry little elves at Memecode have been working away at all hours of the night to bring you a working Rich Text (HTML) editor in Scribe to put in your Christmas stockings.

With the release of Scribe v2.1.33 there is enough functionality to write email with styles. The reply/forwarding side of things isn't as good as the composition of new email. For a variety of reasons. And the control is still definitely in "Alpha" (i.e. incomplete functionality, still contains bugs, possibly show stopping ones).

It would be a excellent idea to reset the reply/forward formats to their default values, because I've updated the default template for HTML reply/forward. If you have a custom template for plain text, save that before you reset the templates in File -> Options -> General -> Reply / Fwd templates -> Reset.

Also go into your signature settings and configure a HTML sig for each account with an identity.

I'll set some expectations first... with the pros:
  • You can edit and delete styles to the text: font, font size, bold/italic/underline, foreground and background colours.
  • The tool bar tracks the current style.
  • You can add and remove links.
  • Most common text editor operations work: deleting / adding text. Selecting regions. Copy / paste.
  • Text reflows to the space available.
And some cons:
  • No undo / redo.
  • Cut / Copy / Paste is plain text only.
  • Replies/forwards are by default converted to plain text, losing any source styling. This is on purpose until I rewrite the reply/forward template merge code to cope.
  • The cursor can get "stuck" sometimes. Reposition with the mouse or use a different key combination.
  • Screen updates might be flaky in some situations.
  • No support for multiple levels of quoting.
  • No support for images (yet, it's on the todo list).
  • No indent/outdent support yet.
  • No lists, bulleted or numbered.
  • Swapping between the text and HTML tabs after you create the email or reply doesn't work. You are locked into whatever control you start with. This will change in later releases.

To switch between plain text and HTML quickly use Edit -> Use HTML Editor.

Do not use the HTML control for production emails. If it matters, use the plain text compose control. Otherwise I'd like to hear how it goes.
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